Shwmae! (Hi in Welsh)

My name is Imran Kaderbhai and I'm a Freelance Web Developer/Designer.

I am from Aberystwyth, Wales, I develop Custom Responsive WordPress Websites.

I have specialised in developing user friendly content management systems WordPress sites, custom made using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript to produce Clean and Responsive sites for clients.

I've had a winding route to developing web sites from being delivery driver, a Physics teacher, a chilli picker, dive instructor and several other jobs to developing web sites. I've been programming on and off for the last year from small pet projects and learning the ins and outs of different programming languages, till I landed on Web Development. I've always been interested in technology from doing my Physics Degree to being an avid Scuba Diver, since I started to learn Web Development it has become a true passion of mine.

Interested in getting your website ready and developed!